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Tiny is a talented Bahraini-Seychellois vocalist and songwriter on the rise. The striking coincidence of coming from two famous islands in two different parts of the world is just half of the story. Tiny has lived most of his life in Bahrain where he evolved from a boy who dreamed of becoming a singer into a young man who is taking the region by surprise. 


A person who understands the importance of education, Tiny moved to Dubai in order to achieve a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management at the Canadian University of Dubai (CUD). In his higher educational pursuit, Tiny found himself exposing his talents in the metropolitan city. In 2011, he featured on ‘Hey Hip-Hop,’ with the brilliant Illmiyah of DesertHeat – a track that reached over 3000 hits in the first week on SoundCloud.

In that same year, Tiny featured in the summer hit ‘Cruzin’ with DesertHeat once again; spreading around the Middle East like wildfire – becoming a national anthem for party crowds, music enthusiasts and “cruisers” everywhere. The hit was so good MTV were extremely impressed – eventually playing it on their channel for worldwide viewership.


The RnB and Soul musician adds more to his sensational gift of voice with his creativity which finds him writing his own lyrics and crafting his own melodies to fit the songs he passionately sings. This has ultimately helped him in uncovering himself as the rawest talent in the precincts of the Middle East. Tiny performed all over the U.A.E. and Bahrain, with his unique style he won the hearts of the crowds and gained much endorsed support from his new found fans. This goes without saying that Tiny looks to extend his love in the near future by performing elsewhere in the region and beyond; wherever his singing takes him. 


Tiny has a bright future, and he’s just getting started. His immense talent will not go unrecognized – his soulful voice, his savvy lyrics, and classy beats will make you sway, swing and spin – and are definitely on the way to your local radio station. Stay tuned, Tiny is on!

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